Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Generic Viagra


Generic Viagra is a hard form of supplements introduced to improve the male fertility level and boost the sexual inspiration. It is recommended only for the ED sufferer. It acts efficiently to whip the issue of Male Impotence. As existence of sildenafil citrate in Viagra seems to be most effective to ease down the condition and facilitates the male reproductive system. It is an Oral Male Sex pill supposed to be taken through the normal water. One can deserve its effect in an hour; since, it easily gets mixed with the bloods and starts responding. Sexual disorder seems increasing now a day due to harmful habits and depressed life. It’s a condition, which makes the men fail to get into sexual practice. The circumstance mostly seems occurring in 50s and 60s people. It’s a period, which turns the penis in tough form tuning the nerves narrow and the penis inflexible to act. A man facing this condition looks for a finest solution here we have come up with generic Viagra to solve your problem of Male Enhancement. This is believed a most effective and highly preferred drug of today that aids calm the penile erection. An ED arises due to the short supply of blood towards the penis. This occurs when the men sexually get motivated and fails to fulfill the wish. One can take generic Viagra in a very low-price comparing with others on our online pharmacy. We are best in quality, quantity and service.

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Generic Viagra 100 mg

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Generic Viagra 50 mg

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Generic Viagra 150 mg

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Generic Viagra 200 mg

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Dosage prescription 

Taking assistance of the doctor would be helpful. One pill in a day has been advised to take that should be one hour prior getting into sexual relationship with the partner. The pills take 30 minutes to get mingle in the blood and react. The effect lasts for some 5 to 6 hours. Practicing it daily is harmful, suggested to be taken during the sexual stimulation only. There must be a gap of 24 hours for the next dosage. It ought to be consumed without breaking, crushing or mashing.   

Precaution to be taken

A woman must not try to take this pill. Any men allergic to sildenafil citrate must stop having it. Taking alcohol and puffing cigarette is strictly prohibited. Heavy, spicy, oily or cheesy meal must not practice regularly. 


Body pain, head pain, weakness, light fever, giddiness, etc, can be notice after taking this pill. 


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