Propecia / Finasteride

Propecia / Finasteride


Propecia is proposed to treatandrogenetic alopecia; it’s a kind of hair loss, which is termed as male pattern.The drug acts by hindering an enzyme namedas 5-alpha reductase, which seems liable for creation of dihydro-testosterone in a male’s body. The enzyme further transforms testosterone to DHT, considered as a mainaspect in forming male pattern called hair loss. The Finasteridedrops the absorption of DHT amountin men scalp by about 2/3rd level.

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Propecia / Finasteride 1mg

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Propecia / Finasteride 5mg

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Taking one Propecia pill in a day has been prescribed by considering meal as an option. Remember you need to initiate with 1 mg dose. Avoid taking over dose and try not to miss the dose. Run the dose as far as and how it has been recommended. Propecia is an oral pills needs to be taken appropriately. It isintroduce a primary medicine that works efficiently to treat male pattern called hair loss mostly occupying the area of top head and front mid-scalp area. Take the supplements without breaking or crushing.

Prevention method  

One needs to take this cheap Propecia pill daily, but without merging any other drugs along with it.Person going under any health complication must disclose it to the doctor before taking this pill.


Side-effects of any drugs depend upon your usage. 


Store the pills close to your living area away from small kids, air and sunlight. 


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